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Cleaning Milk Systems 

Dairy Farming

Heating water accounts for about 25% of the energy used on a dairy farm.  Hot water is needed for washing the milking system, feeding calves, bulk tank and parlor equipment and washing towels. Bulk tanks are washed usually every second day, and the milking equipment and pipelines usually twice a day. Washing a milking system can be accomplished successfully with a warm pre-rinse, a hot wash and a cold acid rinse.

How much water is used and the temperature to which the water is heated directly influences the amount of energy used. Heating water above 165°F is not usually necessary and wastes energy. A properly adjusted wash system, which minimizes air admissions and uses a warm pre-rinse (100–110°F), can wash the milking system effectively without excessively high water temperature.

An adequate and reliable supply of hot water with constant temperature is an essential element in the production of high quality milk on any dairy farm. By using tank water heaters dairy farmers are limited by the amount of hot water the tanks can produce, the size of the tanks and the recovery period associated with re-heating.  This dramatically decreases the energy and time efficiency associated with dairy farming.

Ecosmart tankless water heaters can operate on a closed loop system because of the patented self modulating technology that reads inlet water temperature and flow rate.  By using an Ecosmart tankless water heater dairy farmers can:

  • Reduce operating costs by only using energy when needed instead of having tanks that constantly heat sitting water.
  • Maintain the exact temperature needed with digital temperature control.
  • Decrease wait time between wash cycles with endless hot water. 

Calf Feed Preparation

Ecosmart has participated in the University of California | Davis Calf Housing Research Project.  Using an ECO 27 UC Davis students managed the feeding of 120 dairy calves.  The project required 140°F to fill a 50 gallon milk tank to dissolve milk powder and constant hot water to clean milk bottles. 

Ecosmart continues to work with dairy farmers across North American to provide efficient and reliable hot water alternatives to tank heaters.


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