Our mission is to produce and distribute quality green energy products that are efficient and economical for consumers.

EcoSmart’s main focus is the area of water heating. It’s our goal to save the consumer money since energy consumed to heat water can account for up to 25% of the average energy bill due to outdated methods such as tank storage.

EcoSmart’s patented self-modulating technology can save customers up to 50% on their water heating bill as compared to a storage tank.

Hot water on-demand is the key to conserving energy for consumers and for the environment. This is EcoSmart’s motivation for producing a complete line of tankless technology for various residential and commercial applications.

By producing quality products with superior support, EcoSmart has been able to establish solid distribution lines throughout the Western Hemisphere with retailer partners such as Home Depot, ACE Hardware, True Value, Do It Best and Orgill.


EcoSmart has established solid distribution throughout the United States with retailer partners such as:


All EcoSmart tankless water heaters are ETL CERTIFIED to UL 499. This mark serves as proof of compliance to North American safety standards and guarantees a safe and reliable product.

Consumers should make sure the electric tankless water heater they are buying is Certified UL, as they undergo strict safety testing ensure safety compliance. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization that develops standards and test procedures for product safety for electrical heating appliances such as tankless water heaters.

CSA exists to develop rigorous standards in safety and performance of electrical and electronic equipment. These standards are not mandatory, however adherence is beneficial to companies and consumers and further demonstrates that EcoSmart meets the standards of safety.

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