ECO 8 - Point-of-Use

EcoSmart™ ECO Tankless Electric Water Heaters
Provide Endless Hot Water in a Durable, Space-Saving Design

ECO 8 is designed for one or two applications and are installed at the point-of-use. The durable, compact design allows installation in tight spaces. Perfect for a low flow faucet or bathroom faucet. In warmer climates, these models can accommodate a shower. To select a unit that meets electrical and hot water gallons per minute (GPM) requirements, please use the sizing guide.


  • Saves space – up to 93% smaller than a standard electric water heater
  • Saves Energy – zero standby heat loss when installed near point-of-use
  • More Hot Water – up to 4 times the hot water delivery of a standard electric tank (per hour)
  • Efficient Design – UEF up to .96 and advanced self-modulating technology only consumes the power needed to satisfy hot water demand
  • Copper immersion heating elements improve the thermal performance providing better temperature control and faster recovery of hot water
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger transfers heat fast and resists corrosion
  • Durable, lightweight engineered polymer shell does not rust or corrode
  • Brass ½ compression fittings (CF) located on the side for the inlet and outlet water connections provide strength and durability
  • Designed to be mounted in an upright position with the inlet and outlet water connections on the side of the unit
  • Venting is not required to operate, simplifying the installation process compared to a gas tankless water heater
  • Digital thermostatic temperature controls in 1-degree increments ranging from 80°F - 140°F (26°C - 60°C)