ECOS 18 - Whole House

EcoSmart™ ECOS 18 kW Tankless Electric Water Heaters 
Provide Endless Hot Water at a Great Value

The durable, compact design allows installation in tight spaces. Installed at the point-of-use or anywhere in your home. Perfect for apartments, townhouses, condos, and especially new construction. In warmer climates, the 240V ECOS 18 kW tankless electric water heaters are ideal for running multiple fixtures simultaneously. To select a unit that meets your needs, please use the sizing guide for electrical requirements and hot water demand (GPM).


  • Saves space – up to 93% smaller than a standard electric water heater
  • Saves Energy – zero standby heat loss when installed near point-of-use
  • More Hot Water – up to 4 times the hot water delivery of a standard electric tank (per hour)
  • Efficient Design – UEF up to .96 and advanced self-modulating technology only consumes the power needed to satisfy hot water demand
  • Copper sheathed immersion heating elements fit into a single chamber with threaded brass connections for easy replacement
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger reduces corrosion for long life
  • EcoSmart™ Exclusive – SafeStart™ technology engages upon start-up and any power outage to help avoid dry-fire occurrence and protect the unit
  • Durable, lightweight engineered polymer shell does not rust or corrode
  • Installs in an upright position with the inlet and outlet water connections at the bottom of the unit for ease of installation and servicing
  • Venting is not required to operate, saving on installation costs compared to gas water heaters
  • Digital thermostatic temperature controls in 1-degree increments ranging from 60°F - 140°F (26°C - 60°C)

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