EcoSmart™ SmartBoost®, Model # ECOTB240 Tankless Electric Water Heaters
Increase Hot Water Performance of Most Residential Electric or Gas Tanks up to 45%

Installs directly on the outlet of any existing tank water heater or mounted nearby on the wall. SmartBoost starts heating water when the tank’s outlet water temperature drops below the set activation point on the tank booster. It’s a smart way to deliver more hot water when a tank alone can’t keep up with the demand, all without replacing the entire hot water system.


  •  Increases deliverable hot water up to 45%
  • Saves Space: Compact and fits right on top of the tank or can be wall mounted
  • Efficient Design: UEF up to .96 and advanced self-modulating technology only consumes the power needed to satisfy hot water demand
  • Eco Mode*: Conserves energy by turning the tank on and off on a set schedule
  • Vacation Mode*: Turns the tank power off when away on vacation
  • Freeze Protect*: Powers on the tank, if the SmartBoost inlet thermistor senses the tank outlet has dropped below 60°F (15°C)
  • Activation Temperature: Set the inlet temperature at which the SmartBoost activates
  • Max Temperature: Set the maximum temperature that SmartBoost will heat to
  • Control knob sets the temperature in 1-degree increments ranging from 80°F - 140°F (26°C - 60°C)

*Does not apply when used with a gas tank

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