Owners | Installation Manuals

Having hot water is as easy as turning on the faucet with EcoSmart tankless water heaters. Installation is almost as easy. Just refer to the handy owners/installation manuals provided and consult with a licensed electrician or plumber to ensure the proper steps are taken. This will not only have you enjoying hot water in no time, it will allow you to take advantage of EcoSmart’s limited lifetime warranty.

ECOS 12, 18, 27 Use and Care Manual

ECO 8, 11, 18, 24, 2, 36 Use and Care Manual

POU 3.5 and 4 Use and Care Manual

POU 4T and 6T Use and Care Manual

SmartBoost® Use and Care Manual

MiniTank™ 1-6 Gallons Use and Care Manual

ECO ESH Use and Care Manual

Spec Sheets for Tankless Non-Condensing and Condensing Gas

Tankless Non-Condensing Gas- ESG-70, ESG-84, ESG-95

Tankless Condensing Gas- ESGH-84, ESGH-95

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