Press Release – EcoSmart® Solving the High Cost of Waiting for a Hot Shower


Each day, hundreds of millions of US residents turn on their shower or faucet and wait on average 2 to 4 EcoSmart Point of Use Application for Showersminutes to allow the water to get hot. Those 2 to 4 minutes waste an incredible 11,461 gallons of fresh water each year per household, the equivalent of 573 full bathtubs (average 50 gallons). Further, an additional 10% of hot water, once it arrives at the fixture, is also wasted during the latter part of those 2 to 4 minutes equating to an additional 2,044 gallons. Bringing the average total to 13,505 gallons of wasted water per year.

That annoying 2 to 4 minutes of cold water after we have turned on the hot water has conditioned us to wait without hesitation or thought is caused by the water sitting in our residence’s pipes between uses. During this time, the water within the pipes experience thermal cooling. On average, a US residence has about 125 feet of ¾ inch pipe holding about 3.1 gallons of cold or tepid water. It takes those 2 to 4 minutes to purge that water out of the pipes with hot water from your water heating source to your fixture such as a shower or faucet.

EcoSmart Point of Use InstallEcoSmart Inc, a leader in green, economical tankless electric water heaters, is at the forefront of solving this issue that impacts both our wallets and environment. EcoSmart’s suite of tankless electric water heaters can be installed near a faucet or shower, called point-of-use, and will heat the cold/tepid water that is coming through the pipe run. Point-of-use tankless water heaters immediately provides an endless flow of hot water. Homeowners benefit from point-of-use tankless water heating as this efficient delivery of hot water saves valuable time (no more waiting for hot water to arrive) and valuable water resources (no longer watching all that water run down the drain).

With water prices surging across the US, exceeding inflation and in some metropolitan areas surpassing an 80% increase over the last 10 years, the wasted water costs add up. At a current average of $.006 per gallon, the water waste equals $1,620 over a 20-year span. Using an EcoSmart tankless electric heater as a point-of-use application can mitigate this cost.

“EcoSmart is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable products that are efficient, compact and deliver a positive customer experience now and for many years to come” stated Shane Hufnagle, Director of Retail Sales describing how EcoSmart has been positioned in the marketplace to address water waste and growing water costs.

Point-of-use heaters are installed as close as possible to the shower or appliance that requires hot water. The heater supplies exactly the volume and temperature of water that is needed. While it may sound foreign to install a water heater at its point-of-use, electric tankless water heaters are very compact when compared to traditional tank water heaters. This allows homeowners to put a unit directly beneath the sink or adjacent to the bath/shower that it feeds, heating the water that has cooled within the long pipe run. EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters detect the incoming water conditions through a precision flow meter and thermal sensor, allowing it to be hooked up to cold and/or warm water lines.

“One thing to note is our technology can be used as a boosting device. It helps what we call the cold water sandwich or that chunk of cold water in the pipes between the heater and fixture. As building codes change, I very much see a need for more point of use heating to offset costly recirculating systems similar to what is required in California (Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations). The key benefit to our technology is it only uses power when water is flowing,” explains Tom Alexander, Key Account Manager at EcoSmart.

EcoSmart is evolving the way water is heated, creating solutions not only for better living and sustainability, but also supporting how we build our homes in smarter, more technologically advanced ways.

“EcoSmart is dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for your needs today along with innovating technology 3-5 years down the road. Our organization is investing heavily in people and products to support this initiative not only from an engineering perspective, but actively listening to the needs of our customers. We are excited to share what we have in store,” stated Tom Alexander.

The next time you turn on the shower or faucet and wait for the water to reach a desired hot temperature, consider the accumulated waste in fresh water and money. There are solutions available to mitigate these losses. EcoSmart Inc. is committed to helping you find the correct sustainable, energy efficient, affordable solution that can change your residence’s cold water sandwich into on-demand hot water.

Press Release – EcoSmart® Solving the High Cost of Waiting for a Hot Shower (PDF)

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