3 places you can’t put a storage water heater

It's no secret that electric tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than their traditional storage-type counterparts. These sleeks machines only heat water when you need it, so you don't waste any money powering a burner throughout the day when you're not home. Depending on your home's configuration, you could also use tankless units in unique ways to boost comfort and convenience.

This is one of the benefits of electric tankless water heaters that many people overlook. Unless you have the money to afford a massive remodeling project, the sheer size of many whole-house storage models forces homeowners to stick them out of the way in a basement or closet. However, with a little ingenuity and a good plumber, you can use electric tankless water heaters in more places around your home than you might have thought possible.

Who would have thought you could fit a heater under here?Who would have thought you could fit a heater under here?

1Under the sink
If you fancy yourself a homecooking expert, odds are that you spend a lot of time washing dishes after big meals or scrubbing surfaces during a messy baking session. Whatever you preferences, installing a point-of-use tankless heater directly under the kitchen sink means you'll have hot water in an instant – no matter how many other people are drawing on your home's hot water system.

You can also stick a tankless heater in a bathroomShowers are some of the main sources of strain on your home's hot water system, but a tankless heater in the room both decreases the time water takes to travel from the source to the shower and dedicates a supply of warmed water for all users.

"A heater in the basement that may struggle to send hot water to distant faucets or showers."

2. In the closet
Love the idea of a tankless heater close to where you use the most hot water but don't have the space in the kitchen or bathroom? You can actually install a tankless unit that supplies your entire home in a closet centrally located in the house. Rather than a heater in the basement that may struggle to send hot water to distant faucets or showers, a tankless model tucked away in a hallway closet is the perfect solution for large houses with many bathrooms.

3. On the road
Tankless heaters have many benefits over their tank-bound cousins, but the true difference in the two is exemplified when you try to take them on the road. The sheer size and weight of the former turns them into obstacles more often than convenient devices. If you need to reduce weight, such as on a boat or recreational vehicle, you might as well sign yourself away to higher fuel bills.

Instead, tankless heaters are only as heavy as the case holding the heating elements, and they take up less space than most of your luggage. The cost savings from these advantages are sure to filter out into your vacation spending, so think of electric tankless heaters as an investment in a better financial future.

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