3 reasons why old water heaters are the spookiest Halloween decorations

3 reasons why old water heaters are the spookiest Halloween decorations Some old-fashioned trick-or-treaters like to lament the fact that nowadays Halloween is more about dressing up and collecting candy rather than a healthy scare. Haunted houses and spooky hayrides do the trick for some people, but some homes might have their own source of horrors […]

Do you know your perfect tankless water heater size?

Do you know your perfect tankless water heater size? Tankless electric water heaters give homeowners the option to kick their inefficient traditional tank models to the curb and replace them with more cost effective versions. More homeowners than ever are jumping on the tankless electric water heater bandwagon, but not as many know the ways […]

3 signs you need to replace your old water heater

Tankless electric water heaters offer homeowners increased efficiency and lower utility bills, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is ready to hop on the bandwagon. Old habits can be hard to shake, and traditional water heaters have been the go-to option for home water heating ever since they emerged into the market.  Your old water […]

3 places you should install a point-of-use tankless water heater

Point-of-use tankless water heaters are usually installed as close as possible to faucets or appliances that need hot water, and because the device is dedicated to that location alone, you’re guaranteed a steady flow of instantly heated water. While this may sound expensive, point-of-use tankless heaters can actually save you money if you use them correctly. […]

Adjusting pool temperatures in the summer with tankless heaters

Ah, the comforts of a pool. During the summer, the pool serves as an oasis in a very literal sense, allowing you to escape from the uncomfortable, thick heat of the season’s air and beating sun, into an invigorating, refreshingly cool sanctuary. Pools are safe havens for everyone in your household and an undeniable relief […]

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