3 ways you can still save energy in the summer

Your energy bills may be higher in the winter, but there are still lots of ways you can conserve energy and save money during the summer. With the following tips, you can give your wallet a break from the constant drain of energy expenditures. Get your whole family involved in the effort and you're sure to see some good results in the near future.

1. Open the windows
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, using your windows strategically can be a great way to save money on your bills. It's fine to use your AC unit during the hot hours of the day, but as the night cools off, you should consider powering down the AC and opening the windows. Not only will it cool the house down, it will let in some much needed fresh air. Additionally, you can buy low-energy window fans that will blow the hot air out of your house during the day and bring the cool air in at night.

A ceiling fan can move the hot air out of the room.A ceiling fan can move the hot air out of the room.

2. Use fans
Besides window fans, your ceiling fans will help move the hot air out of your home – if you use them the right way. Hot air rises. As such, it can become trapped, especially in rooms with low ceilings. Regular fans that sit on the ground won't do much to combat this. But used in tandem with a ceiling fan, which will push the air around more, you can move that stagnant, hot air out the window, reported Freshome. But when you're not in the room, you should turn the fans off, as they won't keep the room as cool as an AC unit.

3. Switch to electric tankless water heaters
Tank water heaters hold onto a lot of energy, and during the day the heat can radiate out into the room. That energy then must be replaced to keep the reserve hot water at an appropriate level. Electric tankless models don't have this issue. Because they generate endless hot water on demand, they don't need to keep heat – and energy – in reserve. And they don't radiate heat when they're not in use. Switching to one of these energy efficient models, or supporting your current system with a point-of-use heater, can make a difference in your monthly energy spending.

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