5 cutting-edge home technologies to consider

It seems like everyday a new technology or device is available. Often these are pegged as futuristic or cutting-edge, but within time they become commonplace. By investing in some of today's top technologies, you can give your home a modern flair, flaunting both style and efficiency. 

Check out these cutting-edge technologies to consider for your home:

1. Solar panels
The Solar Energy Industries Association reported that in the past decade, the cost of installing solar panels is 70 percent lower than it was just a decade ago, and the industry is booming at a nearly exponential rate. As these systems become sleeker, lighter and more reliable, the time it takes to yield a return on investment has shrunk dramatically as well. Homeowners enjoy significantly reduced energy bills, and in some instances see their meters run backwards during sunny stretches in the summer.

As the country trends toward renewable resources, more and more homes will be fitted with solar panels. When combined with smart energy sensors, thermostats and other tools, families have an unprecedented ability to stay in control of energy use, to the benefit of both the environment and their monthly utility bills. 

Solar panels are a sleek but powerful addition to your home.Solar panels are a sleek but powerful addition to your home.

2. Smart appliances
In step with better monitoring, the latest appliances are equipped with all sorts of sensors and gadgets. This means your fridge can send you an alert when you're out of milk, your oven can clean itself and your coffee machine can serve up a cup of Joe each morning on demand.

These devices can be controlled with a smartphone app, and the most advanced versions learn from your habits and demands. That way, the longer you use them, the more powerful these become. 

3. An electric tankless water heater
Another step toward greater efficiency is to invest in an electric tankless water heater. This device ensures your family has endless hot water while also helping you save money on your monthly utilities. Unlike older models, this is a sleek and modern device that is self-modulating. This means you never heat excess water or needlessly spend electricity. These are also much safer and more compact, giving your basement a better aesthetic overall.

Endless hot water means you can enjoy a relaxing shower indefinitely.Endless hot water means you can enjoy a relaxing shower indefinitely.

4. Unimaginable entertainment
It seems as if cable TV may be on its way out, and according to Life Hack, the next generation of home entertainment will be impressively quick, dynamic and thoroughly impressive. Already ultra-thin TVs can stream music, movies, games and shows at the touch of a button with stunning clarity and speed.

Moving forward, smart devices will make it so your smartphone, television, speakers and other systems are all working together, bringing seamless entertainment to you and your guests throughout your home. Investing in today's most advanced systems is a great way of giving your home a modern spark, but tomorrow's devices promise to be even more unbelievable.

5. High-level security
With so much emphasis on connectivity and smart devices, a robust security system will be imperative for future homes. This includes an internet connection that is secure, even as it connects everything from your fridge to your thermostat to your smartphone.

Future Technology 500 found that to combat this new technological challenge, future networks will have open and closed connections. Happily, however, it is likely that the expensive router will be a thing of the past, and that homes will have wireless connections directly installed. This is both safer and more efficient.

With so many digital solutions, traditional home security systems will also see great improvements. Keyless entry using facial recognition software and video monitoring will keep your house fully secure from any sort of threat. By pairing any video or sensor systems with a smartphone, you can expect to have remote access to your home, and in the event of any emergency alert the necessary authorities. 

6. Automatic landscaping
There are already a number of ways homeowners can make landscaping efforts much easier and more effective. Smartphones can be linked to sprinkler systems, for example, that make it easy to precisely water your lawn or garden and make adjustments according to weather patterns. In the winter, heated walkways or driveways melt away snow, creating safer conditions for your family and eliminating the often difficult task of removing snow and ice.

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