Check out these futuristic ways to improve your bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most intimate places you have in your home, and for that reason, it's always worth considering ways to make things a bit more comfortable. At the same time, some of the latest technologies not only make things easier and more relaxing but can add a bit of sophistication and style to your morning routine. 

These gadgets and tools will transform your bathroom, making it not only more efficient but also more modern. Check out some of the latest bathroom devices and technologies:

Interactive mirror
Just when you thought your smartphone was the pinnacle of technological innovation, Trend Hunter reported that smart mirrors are now available, giving you a wide range of options for making your mornings a little more fun. By combining voice and face recognition ability, you can control a number of tools, even when wrapped in a towel. 

The smart mirror can connect with home WiFi or a mobile device to learn a users' preferences. From there, it can play music while you shower or even play videos for extended trips to the bathroom. News and weather can also be displayed as well. The smart mirror may also offer reading material and controls for the bathroom lighting or temperature.

Smart toilets
The mirror isn't the only bathroom fixture getting an electronic make-over, and Housely found that there are all sorts of different toilets on the market that can do some pretty remarkable things. You may select a model that makes trips to the bathroom a little more comfortable, or instead opt for a type that reduces your environmental impact. 

Even among toilets there are opportunities to be a bit more modern.Even among toilets there are opportunities to be a bit more modern.

Some smart toilets may be quite ornamental and can do tricks with water and lighting. Others may be more useful, with seats that warm your bottom or have self-cleaning options. There are also toilets that have different options for water use or the possibility to support home composting efforts. Sit back on your nice heated toilet and watch your favorite television show on your smart mirror.

Electric tankless water heater
Not as obvious as a smart mirror or toilet full of LED lights, an electric tankless water heater is a wise way of improving your morning routine. Enjoy endless hot water no matter what. At the same time, your family will benefit from a friendlier water bill at the end of the month. In this way, you can add an efficient and modern bit of sensibility to your bathroom.

Connected bathroom scale
The bathroom scale was once an enemy for anyone trying to lose weight, but nowadays, these have become essential tools. Modern bathroom scales can connect to a wearable fitness tracker and app, giving you new insight to managing a diet or exercise regiment.

"Modern bathroom scales can connect to a wearable fitness tracker."

Aside from measuring your weight, new smart scales can also provide information about your body mass index as well as body fat percentage. This data is beamed to an online app or website and visualized as a graph or chart.

Some models even have games and rewards for progress, making losing weight an interactive affair.  This bit of modernity is a way of making your time in the bathroom more productive and informational. Work with a significant other or a roommate to discuss progress and best practices, and combine the information provided by your scale and wearable device to create a better exercise or diet plan.

Mood lighting
Not every gadget in your bathroom is metaphorically illuminating, because sometimes just a bit of mood lighting can be enough to transform an entire room. LED lighting can be installed on the underside of a sink or bathtub to create flair and character, while dimmer switches and other tools can give you more command over your bathroom. Use lower light in the early morning or during a bath, or brighten things up when hanging a picture or fixing something up.

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