Easy ways to make your basement more inviting and cozy

Finding ways to make your basement a more attractive and comfortable place to spend time is a way to improve your home. Small changes and do-it-yourself projects can go a long way toward making this space enjoyable and inviting. Kitchen Masters found that finishing a basement is also one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home's overall value. Here are a few ideas for taking advantage of this area:

Decrease clutter
Before you look for structural changes to your basement, you may have to remove boxes and items that take up valuable space. Boxes of holiday decorations, old furniture and other items may be tucked away in the corners, and moving these to the attic or a storage locker can open things up considerably. You may even find that selling the stuff you have in your basement is a worthy pursuit.

Spend an afternoon going through what you have. Set aside what you want to hang on to, and consider reorganizing old boxes more efficiently. You might be able to move that unused treadmill or trunk of old clothes and really open up your basement area.

Install carpeting and other fixtures
Once you have cleared out your basement, your next step is to look for ways to make it more liveable. The DIY Network found that looking for signs of water damage, cracks or leaks is an important first step, because these can undermine your efforts.

After addressing these issues, installing some carpeting is a good investment. This makes your basement a more attractive playroom for your kids or area to host guests. Wall-to-wall carpeting is a useful idea, but even throw rugs and other items can revolutionize your basement. A fresh paint job or drop down ceiling fixtures can also turn an unfinished basement into one of your home's coziest spaces. Wallpaper or framed art can be used to make the area cozier.

Remove your old water heater
Necessary but out-dated fixtures are also a key consideration. Your water heater can be an unsightly or even noisy problem, even with carpeting and other improvements. You wouldn't want a water heater in your living room, and when seeking to make your basement more inviting, this can be a big issue.

Old basement fixtures can be a bit of an eye-sore.Old basement fixtures can be a bit of an eye-sore.

Opting for an electric tankless water heater is a way to mitigate this problem. These are sleeker, smaller and quieter than traditional models, and fit neatly in a corner or beside your laundry machine. These devices also provide your home with endless hot water, and an electric tankless water heater not only benefits the aesthetics of your basement but helps you lower your monthly utility bill as well.

Bring in some electronics and other accessories
Many people use a basement as a place for an old, bulky television, but this makes your remodeling efforts look a little outdated. Once you have installed carpeting and made other changes, you should turn your attention toward upgrading your downstairs. This can be done throughout the year to make things more manageable and affordable. Shop around for good deals on a sleek new or used TV, and consider bringing in more electronics.

Other items can really transform your basement from a second living room or play room into a true point of pride. A pool table or other game gives your family and house guests even more of a reason to head downstairs. Likewise, a portable bar, mini fridge and other items can serve to further boost your basement's appeal. Discuss with your family how you want to use this area and look for items that can best serve these goals.

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