Going tankless is a scalable solution for big box retailers

The United States consumes quite a bit of water each year, and much of that consumption is driven by commercial buildings. Over 400 billion gallons of water were drawn nationwide in 2005, according to the Department of Energy and about a tenth of that water was consumed by commercial buildings. These numbers demonstrate how important it is for companies that operate large facilities, such as big box retailers, to take a proactive strategy when it comes to limiting water waste.

"Tankless models offer an ideal solution to big box retailers."

Some retailers have already taken the initiative when it comes to conservation. In a 2014 report Walmart pointed out that the company was reducing water waste and expenses by targeting sources of water waste like the bathroom. Tankless water heaters are a great solution for businesses trying to cut water waste and their sleek design make them especially suited for big box retail environments.

Store designs favor distributed generation
Big box retailers are known for their prices and selection, typically ranging in size from anywhere between 100,000 to 200,000 square feet. The warehouse-style organization of these stores is convenient for customers, but also put extra strain on the building's water heating system – bathrooms spread out across the floor require an extensive piping system to carry hot water to bathrooms, kitchens and gardening sections. As a result, companies end up paying extra in terms of utilities to transport hot water across the store to points-of-use.

High-end tankless models, however, offer an ideal solution to the water heating problems inherent to a big box retailer. Tankless water heaters can be installed directly at the spots where consumers and employees draw and use hot water. Eliminating the travel of water from a centralized heating system helps eliminate heat loss from plumbing and minimizes the amount of cold water running down the drain. The right tankless water heater upgrade can even help keep your customers safer while meeting their needs for instant hot water.

Built-in technology addresses compliance
Big box retailers must consider compliance when installing any new equipment, including new water heaters. Thankfully, choosing the right tankless water heater will greatly simplify this search – high-end models are designed to meet hot water compliance codes like ANSI Z358.1 that keep customers safe from burns or scalding. Companies can also circumvent the need to integrate new temperature hardware into their system. Simply choosing the right tankless water heater will protect customers and the business.

Creating space is critical for big box retailers.Creating space is critical for big box retailers.

A green profile is good for business
Going green offers big box retailers more than an opportunity to save money. The deployment of sustainable solutions, like tankless water heaters, also helps to shape the perception of the company by shoppers. Even a small demonstration of environmental consciousness could have large impact on how the business is viewed by their competitors. In this way, tankless water heaters can add extra value to your business.

Less tank, more storage
Space comes at a premium in large retail stores with plenty of stock to manage and store. Going tankless provides a simple way for companies to free up space in their facilities without losing an important resource – the compact water heaters are capable of being mounted directly onto the wall, ensuring that they can be installed nearly anywhere inside a big box retail store. By going tankless, companies can get their water heaters out of the way and off the ground, providing the business with plenty of extra space.

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