How small changes can lead to big savings

Being mindful about your family’s consumption habits is a good way to not only minimize your environmental impact but also lower your monthly utility bills. Finding ways to reduce the amount of energy and water you consume is a critical step in these efforts.

The bathroom is one of the spots in your house where it is easy to make meaningful changes. Even small steps in the items you use or your morning routine can have a big effect. Consider these useful tips for saving a bit of cash on your electricity and water bills:

Opt for energy efficient light bulbs
There are a number of reasons why energy efficient light bulbs are a better option than traditional alternatives. The Department of Energy stated that these use between 25 to 80 percent less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb. This saves you money each month, but because the energy efficient models also last 3 to 25 times longer, you spend less time and money on replacing lights as well. There are also all sorts of models and color options, which makes it possible to make any bathroom a little more cost-effective.

The right light bulb can result in big savings for your family.The right light bulb can result in big savings for your family.

Invest in low-flow fixtures
Green Living Ideas found that standard faucet fixtures on your sink or shower are neither the most efficient nor the most enjoyable option for your bathroom. Picking up an energy-efficient shower head or faucet nozzle can reduce the amount of water that you use when bathing or brushing your teeth. At the same time, these also allow for more control in regard to pressure, which means you can have a more soothing shower without paying for an expensive attachment.

Your toilet, meanwhile, can also become more efficient with a few modifications. There are tools that reduce the amount of water used, as well as options for changing the volume of your toilet tank with air bags or other additions.

Change your shower habits
How often you shower can make a big difference in your monthly utility bills, especially in regions of the country where water is more scarce. Try to avoid situations where you need to bathe twice a day, and even consider skipping or shortening some showers.

“Consider skipping or shortening some showers.”

Likewise, According to SC Johnson, as much as 25 percent of your home’s energy use can be attributed to water heating. Finding ways to lower the amount of hot water used can have a major impact, and in just a month, opting for shorter, colder showers could result in savings when it comes to paying your utility bills.

Install an electric tankless water heater
A relaxing shower is one of life’s great perks, and for that reason, it may not be worth the savings to suffer through a shorter, colder one. Instead, installing an electric tankless water heater for your home will cut back in the amount of money spent on monthly utilities while also providing your entire family with endless hot water. In this way, you can make your home more efficient without sacrificing your soothing morning shower. 

Make an upgrade
Investing in an electric tankless water heater or device can make a big difference for your home. Your toilet can account for 30 percent of your home’s indoor water use, Water Use It Wisely reported. And if you bathroom has an older model, it may be woefully inefficient. 

Opting for a newer toilet is a way to add style and modernity to your bathroom, but can also have a major impact on your home’s environmental footprint and utility bills. The best low-flow, high-efficiency styles use up to 18,000 gallons of water less than a traditional model. In just a year, this can save your family nearly $120 dollars on water usage, meaning there is little wait for a return on investment.

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