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How to extend pool season in autumn

Dropping temperatures and falling leaves might mean the end to your pool season. In some parts of the country, however, autumn doesn't have to spell doom for your fun in the sun. So long as you are mindful of any changes that come with fall, you can keep your pool clean and protected and continue to enjoy your personal slice of paradise. Here are a few ways to extend pool season this autumn:

Be proactive about the leaves
Fall foliage is a wonderful way to welcome the arrival of a new season, but leaves and sticks can be a problem for homeowners. Slippery wet leaves can cover your lawn, create unsafe conditions and for pool owners, represent a major threat.

Spend a bit more time skimming your pool and try to remove as much clutter as possible. Be sure to check any vacuums or filters. Fallen leaves can quickly lead to clogs that over-work these tools. Leaves stuck at the bottom of the pool, especially over the winter, can actually stain the bottom, leading to a serious eyesore.

Leaves in your pool can be a big problem.Leaves in your pool can be a big problem.

Make sure you understand the chemicals
As Swimming Pool reported, the changing weather might requires a different set of rules for maintaining the right chemical balances in your pool. Lower temperatures and less daylight mean that water evaporates at a slower rate than in the summer, and as a result, the chemistry of the water may not need to be monitored as closely. In fact, adding chlorine and other agents as frequently as you would during the summer can be a big problem.

Invest in an electric tankless water heater
Although autumn afternoons can still be quite warm, the mornings are often chilly, and as a result, it is less likely your pool will be a comfortable temperature.  An electric tankless water heater can mitigate this problem and ensure your pool is perfect for a swim at any point of the day. This is especially useful for anyone who likes to take a dip in the early part of the day or in the evening after work. In this way, you need not worry about the coming winter and can enjoy your pool much later in the year.

Inspect the cover
Whether you have a cover that can be removed daily or you have a single, seasonal one, make sure you are being mindful about keeping your pool safe. A daily cover is a great tool, especially when the weather turns windy or rainy. During an autumn storm, leaves and branches may come lose and cause a big mess. Applying your cover is a good way to avoid this. 

A seasonal cover, meanwhile, will need to be clean before it can be used, and it too can be damaged by autumn. Not only can sticks and leaves cause a problem, but animals looking for a nice place to beat the cold may utilize your cover. Keep it safe and away from harm in your garage or attic.

Don't push your luck
As nice as it is to use your pool deep into autumn, it's best to not push your luck. Water expands when it freezes, and the Pool Master Service stated that this can lead to expensive damage. Early morning frost or a single cold snap may not be an issue, but when a few days of winter weather comes through, your pool may be at risk. Know the climate around your home and pick a date to drain your pool if necessary. This way you can extend swimming season a few weeks without long-term trouble.

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