Simplify, Save…then take a HOT Shower

As a homeowner, the investments you make in your house are important. Preceding the ‘To Do List’ is often the challenge of being able to make well-informed decisions about the technology, hardware, fixtures, and appliances you will need to purchase. Repairing or replacing plumbing, heating, and electrical structures in a house can be a homeowner’s most significant, and sometimes daunting, task.

Electric tankless water heaters are designed to save money, energy, water, and space. More specifically, point-of-use electric tankless water heaters are an economical solution to many hot water issues faced by homeowners. Point-of-use tankless heaters quickly provide hot water at the fixture (sink, shower, tub, etc.). These heaters are a beneficial addition to any home as they provide endless hot water while saving space, water, and energy.

Simplify with point-of-use water heating

Point-of-use tankless water heaters immediately provide an endless flow of hot water on demand. Homeowners benefit from point-of-use tankless water heating as this efficient delivery of hot water saves valuable time (no more waiting for hot water to arrive) and valuable water resources (no longer watching all that water run down the drain).

Point-of-use heaters are installed as close as possible to the faucet or appliance that requires hot water. The heater supplies exactly the volume and temperature of water that is needed. While it may sound foreign to install a water heater at its point-of-use, electric tankless water heaters are very compact when compared to traditional tank water heaters. This allows homeowners to put a unit directly beneath the sink that it feeds—saving ample space throughout the house.

Point-of-use heaters save a considerable amount of energy as well. Rather than heating water 24/7/365 like a traditional tank water heater, tankless point-of-use units only heat water when a faucet or shower is turned on. This way, energy is used to heat water only when it is needed, eliminating the thousands of hours of stand-by heat losses.

Save at the sink

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average home faucet uses about 2 gallons of water per minute. If you’re doing the cooking, the dishes, or washing your hands and leave that water running waiting for it to be the temperature you need, water waste rises. Maintaining a consistent supply of hot water at the sinks, and using this hot water only when it is needed, is a critical way to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your home.

Point-of-use heaters won’t turn the tap off for you, but as soon as you do, these heaters will ensure no more energy is wasted at the sink. Hands down, today’s units heat up faster than traditional models and deliver hot water to faucets much quicker than tank water heating systems.

About that HOT shower

When was the last time you turned on your shower and waited for the water to transition from cold water to hot? We have all been there. This wait can be quite frustrating! The further the distance between your shower and your traditional tank heater, the more water will be wasted! As the California Energy Commission explains: since the 1970s, the distance from the heater to the furthest hot water fixture has increased from 30 to 80 feet. This means it can take up to three times longer for you to get hot water from a traditional heater!

Point-of-use water heaters supply a steady stream of hot water for showers instantly. How? When the heater is installed close to the shower, the time lag— and the water wasted is eliminated. The result is time, money, water, and energy saved. Not to mention the overall improved experience and comfort level of your home.

Meeting your expectations

Be it families, couples, or individuals, every homeowner is different. Yet, despite these differences, the desire for consistent hot water is the same. Every homeowner relies on hot water throughout the day. Access to this hot water is key to supporting the many different activities that are carried out within the home. When the demand for heated water increases, it is important for homeowners to feel confident that their heater is the right solution to do the job.

Electric tankless water heaters are recognized throughout industry as a reliable source of endless hot water. Point-of-use units are specifically designed to address the growing demand for hot water in household applications. Delivering hot water throughout the home and where heated water is most important, point-of-use units are ideal for showers and sinks. Aside from the convenience of compact size and simple installation, point-of-use heaters provide the added value of saving homeowners space, water, and energy.

Learn more about how you can switch from traditional tank water heating systems to point-of-use hot water systems. In addition to saving money, energy, water, and space, these heaters provide the peace of mind that savvy homeowners deserve! View our Point-Of-Use products for more information.


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