The most exciting home improvement projects to give your home a boost

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home or you simply need a new project to take on, there are all sorts of ways you can make small but meaningful improvements to your house. While some undertakings may be a bit more substantial than others, with determination and a bit of elbow grease, you can still make a lasting difference.

Consider trying the following home improvement projects:

Upgrade a bathroom
Although renovating a bathroom can be a costly task, Remodeling Magazine found it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other major ventures around the home. It’s also likely to improve the overall value of your home.

Beyond a full-scale remodeling project, even a small upgrade can still make a meaningful difference. Installing a new sink or tub gives your bathroom a new sense of charm, while a sleek vanity serves to give the space a more open feel. If you’re going to change a few things, be sure to plan everything out beforehand to ensure the project doesn’t get away from you.

Install a skylight
Finding ways to make use of natural light makes your home more inviting and can be an opportunity to reduce your monthly electricity bill as well. A skylight is an elegant addition to any room and Home Advisor found that because there are a number of different types, there’s a style that will fit nearly any budget.

A skylight is an elegant and simple addition to any home.A skylight is an elegant and simple addition to any home.

Go green
Taking advantage of natural light is just one of many ideas available to homeowners looking to lower their utility costs and this also serves to improve your overall environmental impact. In addition to natural lighting, other small steps can make a sizeable difference. For example, use a smart thermostat to monitor home heating and cooling costs or consider installing insulation to promote even greater efficiency for these systems.

Solar panels are another great tool for going green. Roof top panels reduce the amount of electricity your home pulls from the grid, and in some instances, you can sell the utility company any extra output your home produces. Because a roof full of solar panels can be a large investment, it may make more sense to find a use of this technology on a smaller scale. Outdoor lighting systems that use solar panels is just one useful idea.

Replace an old water heater
An exciting way to make use of solar energy is to power an electric tankless water heater. This technology is a more efficient and effective way to provide your home endless hot water, meaning you lower your family’s environmental impact and also benefit from a less expensive utility bill.

Because these units are also sleek and quiet, they represent a serious upgrade from the older, less subtle model in your basement. By swapping this out for an electric tankless model, you make a modern improvement to your entire home but also open up a bit of space downstairs as well.

Do some landscaping
From curb appeal to going green, taking some time to make improvements on the outside of your property can be a rewarding and beneficial pursuit. A clean-cut yard with a tidy row of bushes or neatly planted trees looks attractive to neighbors and potential buyers alike, and landscaping and gardening is also an exciting hobby.

Trees shade your home in the summer, meaning they’re also a natural way to reduce your air conditioning use in the summer.  And because thirsty trees can mitigate stormwater runoff, taking the time to make some improvements around the yard can protect your home from possible damage as well.

A tree or two in the front yard is an attractive addition to your property.A tree or two in the front yard is an attractive addition to your property.

Reimagine an old shed
Addressing efficiency and property value are great end goals of a weekend of hard work, but you may also want to just improve your home for your family’s enjoyment too. One clever idea is to take an old shed or greenhouse and make it more cozy and inviting. Whether it’s a place to play cards, a relaxing spot to have a meal or a secret clubhouse for your kids, a renovated shed is an excellent addition to any home.

By adding a tankless water heater at the point-of-use you can get hot water in a shed without having to wait for the water to travel through pipes.

Bust out some paint
You need not take on such massive projects to make a positive change around the house, and sometimes, simple solutions are the best. A fresh coat of paint helps revitalize any room and this is a relatively easy undertaking.

Brighten up the kitchen or living room with a splash of eggshell or soft blue, or give a bedroom an element of character with a deep maroon or exciting yellow. And even if you don’t want to rock the boat too much, just touching up on an existing paint job still constitutes a worthy project.

Use this list as a launch? pad to get started. Pick one idea and try your hand at making a positive change before moving on to the next one.

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