5 times having a heated pool is critical for summer fun

While summertime is all about fun in the sun and enjoying warm weather, your pool may still need a little help to be ready for everything you have planned. In the middle of the day the water temperature may feel perfect, but for homeowners that want to get the most out of a pool. having an electric tankless water heater is critical.

According to Indiana University, water has one of the highest heat capacities of any common substance, meaning that heating your outdoor pool is a very efficient pursuit. And making sure the water is comfortable is key for anyone anticipating having some fun this summer. Here are just a few instances where having a heated pool is essential.

1. Your morning dip
You likely use your pool to cool down and escape high temperatures, but many folks may also chose to get some exercise in the form of swimming. As Fitness Magazine pointed out, there are a number of tremendous health benefits associated with taking a few laps. This is especially true for older adults, because swimming is very low-impact.

Unfortunately, for anyone without a heated pool, swimming in the morning can be a chilly affair. As evening temperatures dip, the water will cool off as well. And without any extra help, it can take hours for your pool to warm up in the sun.

A morning swim is an excellent choice, provided the temperature cooperates.A morning swim is an excellent choice, provided the temperature cooperates.

2. As the sun sets
Even before nighttime temperatures set in, your pool's overall temperature can drop precipitously if it becomes shaded by your home or any tall trees. The sun may not set until the late evening, but if your pool ends up in the shade during the afternoon, you may find the water to be icy cold when you jump in for an afternoon swim. 

3. After a rain storm
Another way your pool may become colder than you would like is following a rain storm. Your filter system will be capable of taking care of any contaminants or debris, but the influx of cold water can be difficult to overcome. This is especially true if inclement weather is followed by a period of cloudiness.

You should avoid swimming when there is thunder or lightning in the area. Having said that, even without the threat of stormy weather, a simple rain shower can make your pool too cold to enjoy. Again, folks using a tankless water heater to control the temperature of an outdoor pool need not worry about this problem.

4. During a night swim
Throwing on the porch light and taking an evening swim is one of the great rewards of having a pool. Your kids may invent all sorts of games swimming before bed, while you and your spouse may enjoy the romantic ambiance.

For the reasons stated above, however, you may find that the temperature of your pool is not conducive for a night swim left without any added help. Instead of spending the evening shivering, simply switch on your pool's tankless water heater and dive in.

A night swim is one of the greatest pleasures of owning a pool.A night swim is one of the greatest pleasures of owning a pool.

5. Stretching pool season
For homeowners, knowing when to open your pool can be tricky. For folks without any heating system, normally this means keeping an eye on the forecast and letting Mother Nature call the shots. The same can be said about the late summer and early fall, and if a cold front comes in earlier than expected, you may be forced to abandon swimming and throw on the winter cover.

With an electric tankless water heater, it is possible to make swimming a little more comfortable even in slightly cooler weather. Even if the outside temperatures are a little chilly, the water will be perfectly enjoyable.

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