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Top tips for saving money this Summer

Most homeowners are always looking for easy ways to save a few bucks, and during the summer time there is a long list of ways you can reign in costly bills or avoid superfluous expenses. This gives you a little bit of breathing room on any financial obligations, but can also be a way to have some extra spending money while at the beach or on vacation.

Consider these easy tips for saving a bit of money this summer:

Be mindful of the air conditioner
As U.S. News and World Reported stated, running the A/C nonstop can become very expensive. A simple way to mitigate this problem is to change the temperature settings before leaving for work. There’s no use in keeping your home cool if there is no one home. And for anyone who still wants to come home to a house that is not too hot, installing a digital thermostat can be effective because you can simply turn your A/C on a few minutes before you walk in the door.

Aside from being savvy with your thermostat, there are other ways to make your A/C work more effectively. For example, make sure the door to your attic or spare bedroom is closed. Likewise, keeping your windows closed will make it easier to maintain a steady temperature in your home. U.S. News and World Report even found that some homeowners may want to consider using the oven less during the summer as a way of making things easier on your A/C unit.

Making changes to your thermostat settings can have a big impact this summer.Making changes to your thermostat settings can have a big impact this summer.

Turn the TV off
Another device that has a big impact on your electricity bill is your TV. Limiting the amount of time your family spends watching summer re-runs can therefore make a difference when it comes to paying the bills. At the same time, summer is never long enough, and you and your loved ones will be happy you spent more time outdoors having fun. According to the Simple Dollar, turning the TV off is also good for your bottom line because it reduces the number of ads you see that may promote unwise spending.

Invest in an electric tankless water heater
Hot water may not seem like a priority during the summer, but in reality it is a year-round necessity for staying comfortable at home. This can be especially true for anyone with a backyard pool. An electric tankless water heater can lower your utility bills while providing endless hot water for every part of your home.

Plant a home garden
Having fresh produce in your backyard can lower the amount of money you spend at the grocery store. At the same time, a home garden is an excellent hobby. Looking after your favorite herbs and vegetables is a great way to spend a lazy summer evening, and your kids will enjoy seeing plants grow and mature. Enjoy fresh basil and tomatoes in a delicious summer salad, or grab a few mint leaves for a homemade mojito. 

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