Patented Self Modulating Technology

Activation and energy consumption control refer to the minimum flow rate at which the unit activates, how it activates, either by flow switch or flow sensor, and how it controls the amount of energy it consumes.

All EcoSmart electric tankless water heaters activate at .25 gpm and, with the exception of the POU models, operate on Flow Sensor technology. The flow sensor modulates the energy consumption to meet the demand for hot water. Flow switch activation, on the other hand, activates the unit by either switching power on or off to the heating elements instead of modulating.

Other tankless water heaters in the market today operate via a flow switch. When hot water is demanded the flow switch is pushed or moved via the water flow and activates the unit. Most flow switches are designed to activate the units at flow rates between ¾ to 1 GPM. This becomes a problem since in areas of low water pressure the units might not activate or in the case of mixing cold water to lower the outlet temperature the hot water flow is reduced and if reduced under the activation flow the unit turns off thereby producing a cold water rush.

Temperature Control

All EcoSmart electric tankless water heaters, except POU models, come with a digital display showing the outlet water temperature setting. The digital temperature control can be adjusted in increments of 1ºF and ranges from 80º to 140º F.

The temperature controls allow you to set it and forget it.

Heat Exchangers & Elements

Heat exchangers and elements are the components the water passes through to heat up. The elements heat the water and the exchangers encase the elements.

All EcoSmart electric tankless water heaters come with standard Emerson Electric heating elements made of either copper or stainless steel. These elements come with a brass top to prevent electrolysis and easily screw in and out of the top of the exchangers, which are also made of copper and stainless steel depending on the model.

Most other tankless water heaters on the market use uncommon or coiled heating elements that can only be found with the manufacturer. If an element burns out for any reason then the entire heating module must be removed to service the heater or the heater must be replaced entirely. These elements are often encased in a poly-plastic exchanger which increases heat dissipation and decreases energy efficiency. EcoSmart tankless water heaters have standard, reliable, easily serviceable elements and heat exchangers that provide 99.8% energy efficiency


Overall design considers the simplicity of the unit and how all the components integrate together to promote functionality, durability and serviceability. All EcoSmart electric tankless water heaters come with an automatically resettable thermostat as opposed to a manually resettable thermostat. The integration of all components and quick connections are designed to promote simplicity for the installer and the user.

Most other tankless water heaters on the market have overly complicated designs and uncommon parts that are difficult to service.

Certified through the ETL Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory to UL 499 and CSA.

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