3 ways to persuade your landlord to go tankless

If you're renting your own place, odds are you don't have the final say in the nuts and bolts of how your apartment is put together. In fact, everything from the wallpaper to the kitchen appliances might have been decided on long before you signed your name to the lease, and this naturally limits your […]

Why Earth Day and tankless water heaters go hand in hand

For many people, environmentalism isn't just about hugging trees or planting flowers, but is more in line with conserving resources, reducing carbon footprints and most importantly, decreasing their monthly utility bills. Even if you have a small family, odds are that routine tasks like washing the dishes, doing the laundry and taking showers are taking up […]

Apartments get smaller as storage heaters balloon in size

What's the number one rule in real estate? Location, location, location. A beachfront bungalow might fetch more on the market than an inland mansion, and though interior design and luxury home amenities can make any house more comfortable, there's nothing like finding an apartment or condo in the city of your dreams.However, if they get […]


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