How to vent your tankless water heater

Though you bought your brand new water heater to take care of your home's hot water needs, you'll need to add a little air into the mix before you can start using your tankless unit.Tankless water heaters work by supercharging a continuous supply of water with enough heat to supply your entire home. However, you'll […]

2 ways you can go tankless without breaking the bank

Many homeowners see renovation projects as all-or-nothing affairs. The wallpaper has to be the same in every room or none at all, and the dining room furniture needs its pieces to come from the same set or each pulled together for a hodgepodge look.Unfortunately, millions of homeowners have the same mentality when it comes to […]

3 places you can’t put a storage water heater

It's no secret that electric tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than their traditional storage-type counterparts. These sleeks machines only heat water when you need it, so you don't waste any money powering a burner throughout the day when you're not home. Depending on your home's configuration, you could also use tankless units in unique […]

Do you have enough patience to maintain an old water heater?

When it comes to choosing between electric tankless water heaters and storage tank units, many customers focus on the sticker price. It's true that the old technology of storage heaters may cost less up front, but what about the bills you'll be paying when that new heater is 10 or 15 years old? Odds are it […]


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