New efficiency standards will force homeowners to make difficult decisions

The day you buy your first home is a major milestone in many people's lives. After the honeymoon period, though, you might find that your dream house needs more repairs than you first thought. Even after months of home improvement projects that force you to decide between hundreds of options, you might feel like throwing […]

Who will the new heating efficiency standards hurt the most?

Whether you've been holding onto the water heater that came when you purchased the house or you just bought a new one a few years ago, newly passed heating efficiency standards will soon disrupt  what you thought you knew about your home's heating capabilities. Especially if you're just starting to look at replacement options for that […]

Add an in-line tankless heater to save on new energy requirements

As the new year kicks into full gear, you might be going through a long list of resolutions you want to achieve over the next 12 months. Some people want to lose some weight, while others like to get a head start on their taxes due mid-April. If you're one of the more financially minded types, […]

Should you keep or trash your old storage water heater?

As the old saying goes, "Change is hard," and it doesn't get any easier when it comes to maintaining your home. You work hard to keep your house energy efficient – you might use weather stripping on the windows during the winter, or maybe you switch to ceiling fans instead of central air during the […]


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