The real cost of keeping your old water heater

Maintaining an old-fashioned water heater comes with a slew of expensive costs. Water heaters in older homes are prone to breaking down and need constant repairs. Even large tank heaters in modern houses cost homeowners more money in monthly energy bills. Read on for a closer look at the real cost of keeping an old […]

5 tips for saving energy this fall

As you enjoy the last warm weeks of the year, it's easy to forget about the coming energy costs that go along with the changing seasons. As fall approaches, keep the following tips in mind to prevent your energy and water bills from rising.1. Use electricity instead of natural gasAlmost 100 percent of electric energy […]

How a pool cover can save you money on heating costs

As temperatures start to drop it becomes more and more costly to keep your outdoor pool heated. Instead of closing it up for the season, you can find ways to keep the water warm for those early fall pool parties. The combination of a cover and an environmentally friendly pool heater can keep your costs […]


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