Small changes that can have a big effect on your home heating bill

Winter can bring about expensive home heating bills, and this can feel like an unavoidable cost. You don't want your family to be cold, and major renovations can take time and money to complete. Fortunately, small changes can add up to make your home more efficient at retaining heat. This makes things more comfortable and […]

Tips for preparing your house for winter

Cold weather presents new challenges for your home. And even if you live in an area with mild winters, being proactive can protect your house from any problems that could become expensive. Pick a Saturday afternoon and spend some time fixing up your home to get ready for the coming cold. Here are some of […]

Check out these futuristic ways to improve your bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most intimate places you have in your home, and for that reason, it's always worth considering ways to make things a bit more comfortable. At the same time, some of the latest technologies not only make things easier and more relaxing but can add a bit of sophistication and […]

5 times having a heated pool is critical for summer fun

While summertime is all about fun in the sun and enjoying warm weather, your pool may still need a little help to be ready for everything you have planned. In the middle of the day the water temperature may feel perfect, but for homeowners that want to get the most out of a pool. having […]

Do big houses and big families need big water heaters?

In many ways, the American homeowner is obsessed with size. When you go house hunting, realtors will tell you how many bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas the homes have while fitting in the square footage of both back and front yards. Even if you consider yourself a city-dweller, you probably try not to settle for […]


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