The basics of spring home upkeep

At long last – or at least what feels like long last – spring has sprung and wonderfully warm weather is right around the corner. As a homeowner, you're most likely relieved because there'll be no more ice and snow to shovel off your driveway, but the new season does mean you'll have some new […]

Anticipate the spring with energy efficiency best practices

For many of us, it may not be particularly warm and cozy outside right now, but spring is, in fact, on its way. (We promise.) The vernal equinox is just a few days away, and after that, the weather will change before you know it. With this in mind, it will be wise for you […]

The most exciting home improvement projects to give your home a boost

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home or you simply need a new project to take on, there are all sorts of ways you can make small but meaningful improvements to your house. While some undertakings may be a bit more substantial than others, with determination and a bit of elbow grease, […]

Best practices for preparing your home prior to a showing

An open house or private showing is one of the most effective ways to get your home off the market and proceed with a sale. Unlike static photos posted online, an in-person visit gives potential buyers a better sense of your property. To maximize the possibility of a successful showing, there are many steps you […]

7 idea for reducing your environmental impact in 2017

Finding ways to minimize your environmental impact is a great idea for homeowners. Not only do you help out mother nature, but you can achieve immense savings by lowering monthly utility bills and other expenses.There isn’t any single step that is best, and instead your most effective route is to look for a few positive changes […]


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