Adjusting pool temperatures in the summer with tankless heaters

Ah, the comforts of a pool. During the summer, the pool serves as an oasis in a very literal sense, allowing you to escape from the uncomfortable, thick heat of the season’s air and beating sun, into an invigorating, refreshingly cool sanctuary. Pools are safe havens for everyone in your household and an undeniable relief […]

Tackling issues with hot tub heating

The pleasures of a hot tub are, more or less, self-explanatory. It’s right there in the name. Whether you’ve got a Jacuzzi or a different model, it hardly matters – letting yourself soak comfortably in warm water as the jets supply a soothing pressure is a form of relaxation that few massages, spa treatments or […]

How a pool cover can save you money on heating costs

As temperatures start to drop it becomes more and more costly to keep your outdoor pool heated. Instead of closing it up for the season, you can find ways to keep the water warm for those early fall pool parties. The combination of a cover and an environmentally friendly pool heater can keep your costs […]

How much is your old spa heater costing you?

How much is your old spa heater costing you?Freezing temperatures outside usually drive people indoors for months on end, but if you've got a spa in your backyard, chances are you've been waiting for the mercury to drop. There's not much better than watching the steam rise from therapeutically warmed water as snow falls all around […]


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