3 signs you need to replace your old water heater

Tankless electric water heaters offer homeowners increased efficiency and lower utility bills, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is ready to hop on the bandwagon. Old habits can be hard to shake, and traditional water heaters have been the go-to option for home water heating ever since they emerged into the market.  Your old water […]

Selecting a household water filtration method

Product crazes arise in virtually every retail market there is, including home goods and kitchen appliances. As such, it’s no surprise that the debut of consumer-grade water filtration systems, be they filtered pitchers or accessories that were mounted to the end of a kitchen sink’s faucet, attracted considerable attention – before eventually becoming fairly commonplace […]

Cost-effective kitchen adjustments and makeovers

The kitchen functions as the center of your family’s household in more ways than you might think.Early in the morning, it’s where your family congregates as breakfast is scarfed, coffee and orange juice are thirstily gulped, itineraries are established and homework is finished at the last minute. In the evenings, it’s where families cook and […]

Conserving water in the summertime

Sometimes it seems like the seasons change so fast. Spring only got into its full swing in mid-April, but it's already the beginning of May. This means summer is just several weeks from now, and considering how busy so many of us are, that time will pass before we know it. It'll be bright and […]

Bathroom remodeling for the cash-strapped

How you treat your bathroom can, to a certain extent, be representative of your personality. Guests in your home can draw quite a few conclusions from using the restroom, and if the space isn't in the best shape, what they think might not be very good. Who wants to deal with that kind of awkwardness? […]


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